The Critical Fan Toolkit

This shows the larger logo for the Critical Fan Toolkit, which is an ornate shield that has the letters 'CFT' circled in the middle.

The Critical Fan Toolkit (CFT) traces, defines, and celebrates critical fan practices. Critical fans are fans who challenge harmful systems of power — such as white supremacy, misogyny, heteronormativity, homophobia, and ableism — in their everyday fan engagements.

This toolkit is a collection of resources designed for fans, teachers, and researchers who are invested in integrating critical fan practices into their online and in-person fan interactions, their teaching, and research. These resources include:

Choose Your Path

The CFT is a resource for teachers, scholars, and fans alike. These paths are a first step to guide your experience based on how you identify. These identities are not necessarily exclusive, but each choice gives you a path to navigating this toolkit based on what you may be interested in. You may be a scholar, teacher, and fan! Even if you do not directly identify with one of these positions, you may still find some paths relevant.

Accessibility Statement

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