For Scholars

As a scholar, your interest in this project may vary. This page will provide a few options for you to begin with. Some of the options follow more traditional scholarship, such as the literature review and methods section. I created a "Glossary" in case you run against any theoretical or fan terms you would like to see further or better defines. Other options invite you to both read about my analysis of data and analyze the data, yourself!

About this Dissertation

This portion of the CFT offers the more conventional dissertation and scholarly forms. In this portion, I articulate my theoretical framework (critical fandoms and rhetorical genre studies); review the literature; describe my methods and methodology; commit to feminist research praxis; and more.

Fandom by Numbers

This section provides interactive visualizations and brief analyses of the visualizations using the fanfiction data collected from Archive of Our Own. I mainly focus on metadata from AO3, particularly "Additional Tags," "Character," and "Relationship" metadata to trace community writing practices and ideology.

Explore Interview Themes

This portion provides several layers of data and data analysis. There are the transcriptions from each interview with the codes I used to mark up these transcriptions. You can also"Search Across Interviews" to analyze themes across the six interviews.


I qualitatively coded all six of the interviews. This portion describes my qualitative coding process, a description of XML to qualitatively code, why I used XML, and also my codebook. I also have interactive adjacency and a correlation matrices that represent the relationships between codes.

Case Studies

The case studies are longer pieces of writing that examine data from a particular social justice practice in fanfiction writing. One case study examines how fans incorporate or do not incorporate Missandei from Game of Thrones and why. The other case study demonstrates how fans embrace queer gender and sexuality identities in The Legend of Korra fanfics. These are longer pieces written for both academic and non-acdemic audiences.

Teaching Materials

This portion intersects empirical research and pedagogy, as my research and teaching inform each other. I define "Critical Fan Pedagogy" using popular pedagogues like bell hooks and Paulo Freire. I also offer different teaching materials, including a syllabus and several activities.